About us

Funded on Kickstarter!

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What is it?

Mystery Night App is an easy way to purchase and play freeform murder mystery games. There are no scripts to be read! Each player is provided with details about their character's personality, secrets, and objectives before the night of the party. It is up to you to decide how to best accomplish your goals and get to the bottom of the mystery. Eavesdropping, blackmailing, and bribery are both accepted and encouraged :)

How does the app work?

After purchasing a game on mysterynighapp.com each player can be assigned a character through the account portal. They will each receive an individual link that will open up this Web App populated with information specific to their character. The host has an additional tab that allows him to advance the game through its stages. At each stage new information will be revealed and new objectives will be given. During the final stage all players will cast their accusations and the master detectives will be revealed!

What are we doing differently?

Almost everyone I talk to says they would love to do a murder mystery party but never have. This is most likely due to the fact that murder mystery parties require a host and the market for these games are expensive ($50+). The host ends up with a costly bill and tedious work. We are solving both of these problems.

Lets make this affordable!

We know that even though you may have 20 people playing the game one person is usually stuck with the bill (we have been in this boat a few times ourselves). That is why our games will start at $19.99 instead of the $50.

Lets make murder easy!

Murdery mystery games require the host to print out pages and pages of character sheets, organize sheets and evidence into envelopes, and even print and cut out fake money. Players then have to receive envelopes and specific moments in the game as the story progresses. It really doesn't have to be this way. Our games only require the host to assign character roles in their online dashboard. That's it. From there every participant is emailed a unique link for their particular party. The link takes them to a web app that reveals their character sheet and information about the party. The host also receives a special link that allows them to advance the party through stages that reveal additional information to all of the characters as they play the game making host’s job easier than ever. No more envelopes. No more character booklets. No more paper cuts. And no more reading through pages of instructions. Just let the app guide you step by step.