How To Throw An Impromptu Murder Mystery Party

Here are detailed instructions on how to throw a ridiculously, awesome, totally impromptu murder mystery party. Are you ready?


  1. Have an awesome group of people already sitting around bored. For us, it was our family reunion, laying around in our pjs playing "Fat Dog" after our delicious gourmet potatoes courtesy of grandma. 
  2. Buy any story on that seems remotely doable for your group size, location and style. 
  3. Follow this up by rounding up the troops and assigning characters. That is it. Each character will receive a link and you are ready to play. No printing, no cutting and no waste of time. 
  4. For costumes you can all scramble through wardrobes to find any makeshift outfit you want. Mention to them how creativity is encouraged. Our family used swimsuit cover-ups, pajamas, regular clothes, flowers, unbuttoned shirts for the men (and women ;) ), sunglasses and lots of hairspray to create the perfect atmosphere for mystery and murder. Makeup and swagified personalities are a must. 
  5. After the makeshift costumes come together, gather in one spot and begin your game. 
  6. For the winners prizes we used any candy or money we could gather throughout the house (sorry, grandpa..) 

This was the easiest and most enjoyable night of our whole reunion. 

Try it! You won't be disappointed. 

(**Disclaimer: It helps to have had someone previously shazam some grocery store jams to set the mood for casual murder.)